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Jo Hoagland

actor - director - storyteller



Hi there! My name is Jo and I am a curious actor, aspiring director, and ardent theatre artist with a particular passion for Shakespeare and classical text. I love utilizing old stories and words in new ways to share fresh stories and perspectives. As a queer artist, I think it is important to break the molds of expectation and tradition in the industry.


When not in the theatre, I love to crochet, read, play DND, and explore new places. I made my stage debut at age five in 12 Dancing Princesses, and although I know I will never again play a role as profound as the 11th Princess, I am eager to continue learning about the world through different roles, lenses, and stories!

Current/Upcoming Projects

I am excited to have just moved to Chicago in July of 2024! As I adjust and begin to explore this new beautiful city, I am enjoying reading a cool book on Shakespeare and its translation into other languages- something I would love to incorporate into future work!

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*Features the production of Julius Caesar I directed





I look forward to hearing from you!

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